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Blast Freezing

Current food legislation in the US requires that all food must be cooled as quickly as possible. So whenever food is chilled or frozen, it must be in taken out of the temperature “Danger Zone” of +8°C to +68°C as quickly as possible, since that is the temperature where bacteria multiply fastest. Blast freezing is required to stop the growth of bacteria, yeast or mold growth and the food decomposition it can cause. In Sarangani Bay, our products are frozen via either IQF (Individual Quick Freeze) or Blast Freezing technology to lock in the much of the original fresh flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value of our fish. The rapid freezing retains the attractive appearance of the fish; without it, food freezes slowly, causing larger ice crystals to form, which can damage food, dry it out, and break down the physical structure. No such thing with Sarangani Bay, where we keep the fish fresh, flavorful, and deliciously nutritious.

Fresh frozen harvested bangus

Freshly harvested fish in the ponds packed in ice