Our Farms


Sea Cage Operation

Besides our massive pond operations, we also manage 3,000 cubic meters of sea cages. We locate these cages in areas where we operate alone or with just a few other experienced operators, so we control the pristine cleanliness of the waters for our fish.

We also take extra care during seeding operations at the sea cages so that we acclimatize the fry before they are gently released. Further, we vigilantly guard against overstocking and overfeeding of fish, because these can result in overcrowding, increase water pollution, and lower levels of dissolved oxygen in the water – all of which can lead to fish kill.

Our pond and sea cage operations combined yield a total volume of 6,000 metric tons of clean, fresh, and healthy fish and shrimps!

Seeding operations at the sea cage: acclimatizing fry before release.

Feeding frenzy at bangus sea cage

Full grown bangus schooling in cage