Did You Know ???


Rinsing Fish

Among the experts, there is no agreement on whether or not fish should be rinsed prior to preparation. Most food scientists feel that fish should be given a brief rinsing. Most chefs prefer not to rinse fresh fish fillets and steaks. Fresh fish is absorbent. When rinsed, it will absorb some of the water. Then, when marinated, the fish will absorb less marinade because it is already saturated with liquid. This is particularly true for flaky fish such as salmot balibut and sea bass.

Doesn’t washing fish make it “safer” to eat? No. Bacteria that may be present on fish is colorless and odorless. Rinsing fish does not remove all the bacteria; they are killed during proper cooking. The bottom line: if the fish looks as if it should be rinsed, it shouldn’t be bought.