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Flouring And Battering Fish

Battering fish is commonly done when pan–frying. Coating the fish with flour or a batter protects the fragile flesh from drying, turns the surface a beautiful golden color, and gives the exterior a pleasing crunch.

For a thin protective layer for pan–frying: Moments before cooking, coat the fish with flour, cornstarch, or dried powdered bread cumbs, shaking off all excess. You can dust the fish on a plate, on paper towls, or inside a resealable plastic bag. Immediately place the fish in the preheated pan.

For a thick protective coating for panfrying, deep–frying, or roasting; Dust the fish with white flour, shaking off the excess. Dip the fish in beaten egg. Turn the fish over on a plate of dried bread crumbs or ground nuts, coating evenly. Transfer the fish to a wire rack. Cook the fish immediately or refrigerate and cook up to 6 hours later.