Did You Know ?


Storing Fresh Fish

Store fresh fish in the coldest environment possible without freezing. Ask the market to place a bag of crushed ice next to the package of fish so that it doesn’t warm during the trip home. Once at home, refrigerate the fish immediately. If you are cooking the fish that day, keep it in its wrapping.

If the fish isn’t going to be cooked the day of purchase, remove the fish from its package and warp in plastic wrap. Cover the fish with a bag of ice and refrigerate. The surface of the fish next to the ice will not freeze; rather, because cold air descends, the layer of ice will cause the entire piece of fish to be much colder than any of the surrounding foods in the refrigerator and it will stay fresher longer.

If you live near the sea, always cook fish within three days of purchase. If you live inland, always cook the fish within two days of purchase. It may not have begun to smell, but it is not perfect fish. At the end of this time period, if you decide to go out to dinner or to cook something else, cook the fish anyway. Just rub it with oil, salt and pepper and microwave broil or barbecue it. Refrigerated, the cooked fish will stay in flawless condition for three additional days.