Another favorite Bangus Belly treat but with a tangy twist!

Sarangani Bay’s Belly Tempura is perfect for any gathering and family occasion, but do you know what goes best with it? Make your celebration feast more exciting and delicious with Belly Tempura with Cold Soba Soy Mirin Dressing.

Bangus Belly Tempura with Cold Soba Mirin Dressing


1 450 Sarangani Bay Bangus Belly, sliced crosswise into long strips

2 cups cooking oil

1 cup cake flour

1 cup ice cold water

1 cup Japanese Breadcrumbs


Combine cake flour and cold water. Dip bangus strips and roll in breadcrumbs. Deep fry in hot oil. Set aside.

For Dressing

1.   In a saucepan combine soy sauce, mirin, sugar, mushroom, leeks and dashi broth. Cook until reduced in half. Allow to cool.

2. Serve with cooked cold soba noodles. Place cooked belly on side of soba. Garnish with green part of leeks. Serve.

For Dipping Sauce

1.   Mix all ingredients together and serve with the belly tempura.

2.   Serve cooked soba with ice. Place belly tempura in a bento box. Place dipping sauces on the side.