This Milkfish Gourmet Sandwich Is Better Than Any Of Your Subs, Any Time Of The Day

This is a declaration of war.

We are tired of lining up in sandwich bars every single day to get our hands on the usual subs, packed with the usual processed meat. We are also sick of getting judged by our fitness trainers for eating unhealthy food.

We are fighting back, fighting hard, at that. We’re bringing in milkfish sandwich to the battlefield.

Prepare the troops, this is going to get tasty.

Sarangani Gourmet Sandwich


1 pack Sarangani Bay Milkfish in Oil (215 g), spicy

¼ head lettuce

1 pc large onion

2 pcs large tomatoes, sliced

2 pcs medium cucumbers

5 tbsp cream cheese

5 tbsp mustard

6 slices loaf bread


Layer sardines with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers on bread.

Spread with cream cheese and a dash of mustard.

Makes three sandwiches.