Fancy Finger Food That Brings The Party Inside Your Mouth

Canapés With Wasabi Mayo

You know what will go great with that cocktail? Canapes, of course! You know? Those small toast or puff pastry with different toppings. They are almost always on a silver tray. Guess what the best topping to use for your canapes is. That’s right! Sarangani Bay Smoked Deboned Bangus.

Spice up the party by adding in some Wasabi Mayo. It’s very easy, plus you can make a lot in one sitting. It’s time to plan that cocktail party and make this dish the crowd favorite.


1 pc medium sized SARANGANI BAY Smoked Deboned Milkfish (Bangus)

5 tbsp wasabi powder

1 cup mayonnaise

1 cup mustard (optional)

1 pc baguette

6 pcs quail eggs, sliced crosswise

tomato wedges

parsley for garnish


Sarangani Bay Smoked Deboned Bangus is already cooked and frozen.

Prepare for use by thawing under refrigeration.

Mix wasabi powder and mayonnaise or mustard and mayonnaise in a bowl.

Pan fry sliced bangus, set aside.

Cut baguette crosswise (1/4 inch thick).

Spread wasabi-mayonnaise (or mustard and mayonnaise) on bread.

Layer it with smoked bangus, sliced egg, chopped tomatoes and garnish with parsley.

Rub bangus with one teaspoon liquid seasoning and pepper to give it more.