Recreate the Plate with Holiday Crostinis with Spanish Sardine Pate

Whether you’re new to party planning or not, you know the mark of a great celebration is a crowd-pleasing spread. Making something out of your holiday leftovers, however, is definitely a challenge. Instead of over-indulging whatever’s left of your cartons and containers, why not extend the festivities and re-do a classic favorite with fairly new twists?

Start your party right with Holiday Crostinis with Spanish Sardine Pate. With the right balance of bread, fish, and tangy flavors, this appetizer makes for a fresh and healthy serving your guests will be raving about.

Get the recipe here:

Holiday Crostinis with Spanish Sardine Pate


1 -312g Sarangani Bay Milkfish in oil, regular, drain and remove bones

1 ½ cup cream cheese

1 ½ cup mayonnaise

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp hot sauce

1 loaf French bread, sliced into 20 pieces



Quail eggs, hard boiled, halved and chopped chives

Red, green, and yellow bell peppers, small dice

Sliced black olives and basil leaves

Chopped tomatoes and baby arugula

Sliced cucumber and dill


1. Place first 6 ingredients in a bowl. Mix all together until smooth. Chill.
2. Lightly toast sliced bread in a hot oven. Set aside to cool.
3. Spread sardine pate on toast. Top each piece with suggested toppings.
4. Serve.

Makes 20 pieces.