This hot, savory, and tangy Sinigang na Bangus drives away our rainy day blues

The rain may put a halt on our activities, but if you look at the bright side, it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy some warm and hearty soup!

Since we’re true-blue Pinoy, we love slurping sinigang on a cold, rainy day. And this time, we’ll make it light, refreshingly fruity, and also meaty with this Sinigang na Bangus Belly with handpicked bayabas from your own backyard.

Sinigang na Bangus Belly sa Bayabas


1-420 gram pack Sarangani Bay Milkfish Belly, cut into 8 portions

7 cups water
8 medium ripe guavas, deseeded cut into quarters
1 medium onion, quartered
2 medium tomatoes, quartered
3 small size gabi, peeled
½ cup labanos, peeled and sliced diagonally
½ cup sitao, cut into 2-inch lengths
½ cup okra, sliced diagonally
1 small eggplant, sliced diagonally
1 bunch kangkong (leaves and soft stems only)
2 green sili
2 tbsp. fish sauce (patis)                                                                                                                                               


1. In a small pan, place 1 cup water and add guavas.
2. Put to a boil until guavas turn soft. Mash guavas well or process in a blender. Set aside.
3. In a cooking pot, place remaining water, add onions, tomatoes, boil. Stir in the guava puree.
4. Add gabi; cook until slightly soft. Add labanos, sitao, okra and eggplant. Cook for 4 minutes.
5. Add sliced bangus belly, cook for another 3 minutes. Add kangkong and sili last. Season with patis. Cover and turn off heat.
6. Ladle into bowls and serve hot.